What Is Free Phlebotomy Training?

A phlebotomist is a medical professional that is trained to draw blood that will be tested for a health problem the patient may have, or the blood is drawn for a transfusion. Part of the phlebotomist’s training is to keep the patient calm as he explains the procedure. A phlebotomist is usually certified which allows them to draw blood and perform the procedure without pain. Phlebotomists know exactly how to draw the blood sample and prepare it for the laboratory for testing. The sample has to be handled properly in order to keep it from becoming tainted. Phlebotomists are well trained in all of the techniques required. They are specialists in the field of accurately obtaining the information needed by doctors in order for them to make an accurate diagnosis.

A phlebotomist is a key part of the healthcare system. They are trained in the technique of drawing blood from the elderly, infants, toddlers and adults. If you want a career as a phlebotomist but you cannot afford the education, look for free phlebotomy training. There are some places that you may look to find free phlebotomy training.

If you are looking for a job, then you may want to drop by your county unemployment office and enquire if there is any job training available. Many counties have job training programs for the unemployed and phlebotomy training may be on the list. Health care is now a growing field and some county unemployment offices have free job training which may include phlebotomy. Many of the counties are encouraging their unemployed citizens to take part in the free job training in the health care field. People in their late teens and early twenties should ask about the Job Corps. There are a few Job Corps locations that offer free training and in addition, they pay you a stipend while you are training.

What if you are currently employed in the health care field? Then you can ask your manager or your human resources department if you can get additional training as a phlebotomist. Phlebotomy technicians are in demand in all settings of health care. If you have been a good employee, your employer may be willing to pick up the bill in order to send you for free phlebotomy training. You may want to tell your manager that if you are trained and certified as a phlebotomist, the company will no longer have to hire someone from the outside when one is needed. He will have a trained, certified and skilled phlebotomy technician on staff. Someone he can trust. You may also contact your local community college. They may have a program that will cover the cost of your phlebotomy training.

As a last resort you may want to talk to the Red Cross or United Blood Services. Both of these agencies are noted for hiring untrained phlebotomists and paying them while they are being trained.

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