Venipuncture Training

The Art of Venipuncture Training

What is Venipuncture? In layman’s terms, it is the skill or art of extracting or drawing blood from the veins of the human body. If you want to be skilled at it, you will have to undergo a comprehensive venipuncture training to have the authority in drawing blood test or samples. The people who do this are called phlebotomist in medical terms. Once the phlebotomist draws the blood sample, he collects it and is utilized for screening, detection and testing purposes. Venipuncture is a very dedicated and specialized field that you can only learn and study it after doing lots of practice and observations which can only be attained by acquiring a formal training, exposure to clinical fields and scenarios, and of course through medical practice.

If you are a professional phlebotomist, it is required of you to have that certification and you should be a member of a certified association of phlebotomists. And once you have it, the more you undergo training for a diploma of competence, the more you will be in demand in the field of venipuncture. The need to undergo schooling and more practice is necessary as it plays an important role in medical fields. Thus, you need to gain and learn the strategies of puncture in the art of venipuncture.

If you undergo venipuncture training, you will gain many advantages and skills such as: review of the basic physiology and human anatomy; preparation stages; precautions to be done during the process and its procedures; knowledge of the several supplies and equipments to be used for blood collection, puncture and blood recording; several Venipuncture techniques to be recorded; proper managing and handling of the many ways where patients respond to venipuncture and intermittent complications that may occur; intercessions to patient responses and impediments; and assessment of results.

Some advanced phlebotomy training schools also utilize virtual reality learning methods. This is of great help since you will be practicing your skills in actual scenarios, such as live puncture, but of course with the monitoring of an expert beside you. You may become accustomed toward the feeling of putting in a needle inside a human body and its vein structure of the body. This is what they call as pressure criticism and being able to experience the reality can make you overcome the fear in the future.

Earning thorough training in the art of venipuncture will increase your assurance and can build self confidence and will let you become more skilled in the field. A very specialized team is needed during demonstrations; these are prepared by phlebotomy schools which consist of experts in the field of phlebotomy. This is very helpful as the hypothesis and theories can be well explained by doing demonstrations. Normally, training is organized in clinical sites, hospitals and laboratories. Moreover, this training will have a real interaction with your patients and help you gain more important skills. This is the art of venipunture.

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