How Much Can You Earn from a Phlebotomist Salary

A phlebotomist’s job is to collect blood from patients for blood tests or donations, to administrate the samples of blood, to deliver them to the laboratory and also to keep a record of their work. It’s the phlebotomist’s responsibility to handle laboratory equipment safely, to make sure it is sterilized and to dispose of used sharp equipments. Hospitals and clinics, as well as physicians’ offices and laboratories are main employers for phlebotomists. Nevertheless, a phlebotomist salary is not extraordinary, because it is entry-level.

In order to become a phlebotomist one has to undergo training in a college or vocational schools or a two-semester program. The fields of study for future phlebotomists include anatomy, blood collecting techniques, safety measures and communication with the patients, first aid and legal aspects of their job. Most of the employers require that the phlebotomist is also certified in cardiopulmonary resuscitation. A phlebotomist salary right after finishing school is around $10.50 an hour. Only after working for five years, this will go up to $13.

A phlebotomist salary in a private facility seems to be lower than one in a hospital. The phlebotomist in private offices earn around $11, while one in a hospital starts with $14.75 and can go to $17 after gaining some experience.

There are indeed phlebotomists that earn a bigger salary. They are usually mobile phlebotomists that travel in different areas in order to collect blood and bring it back to the laboratory. They usually work harder in order to increase their income and they can reach even 60 hours a week. These extra hours can increase a phlebotomist salary from $10,000 to $15,000 each year, although the average pay is between $11 and $15.

In order to increase a phlebotomist salary, some chose to also obtain a degree in medical laboratory techniques. They can earn up to $19 an hour after having such a degree.

Statistics say that a phlebotomist salary might differ from one industry to another. Apparently phlebotomists in private clinics earn an average of $12.15 an hour while those in hospitals are less paid and only earn $11.70 an hour. The American Society for Clinical Pathology also states that the lowest pays are in doctor’s offices where the wages drop to $11.25 an hour.

The highest salaries in this field are earned by phlebotomists working in junior colleges. They teach students various aspects of this job and for this they earn up to $45,120 per year, as the Bureau of Labor Statistics says. A high phlebotomist salary is also earned by those working for pharmaceutical manufactures and those in the research field. The first ones are paid around $40,070 and the ones in research – $42, 2050.

Statistics also say that the best paid phlebotomists are in Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maryland and New York.

A phlebotomist salary for those that are medical technician phlebotomists is around $37,000 a year. Once one advances and becomes a phlebotomy supervisor, he or she can easily earn up to $44,000 a year.

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