Phlebotomy is the highly skilled technique of collecting or drawing blood for sampling or for collection. This precise skill can be developed with specialized training and after the completion of the training one can get good jobs with competitive pay at hospitals, research institutes, laboratories etc.

The specialized procedure for collecting blood from the vein is relatively new and the demand for qualified and certified technicians or phlebotomists grew over last two decades. With advanced technologies and procedure the process of collection and containment procedures have become safe and sterile than it used to be.

In phlebotomy training one learns how to properly draw blood causing the least amount of pain to a patient. This job demands high level of skill and practice. Moreover, phlebotomy training also involves providing guidance on handling and controlling biohazardous materials like the blood samples and sterile unused and used needles.

The students of phlebotomy must also learn proper bedside manner which is extremely critical with exact training on patient care. A phlebotomist must show an exact mixture of skill and empathy.

In phlebotomy training the students learn in detail on human anatomy, needle technique, creating patient rapport, medical safety and processes of keeping record. Additionally, one goes through academic as well as hands on training on handling several medical equipments including containers for collecting biohazardous waste containers and biohazardous-spill kits, dermal puncture devices, syringes of various sizes, vacuum tubes, blood-culture bottles, bandages and tape, tourniquets, locking arm rests, etc.

Like any other technical/medical trainings, phlebotomy training can be obtained as a 4-year bachelor's degree or a 2-year associate's degree in phlebotomy. You can also join some vocational programs that are offered at community colleges, hospitals or private medical facilities. In this you can get phlebotomy training within one year. This site covers everything related to the role of a phlebotomist, the job entry requirements and training, we also help students find information about phlebotomy classes.

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